For the sake of Being Green, Products May Arrive in Old "Sasquatch Turds" Packaging Until It's Gone.

Our Seed Story

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to green the planet one Clay Seed Bomb at a time. With small efforts from committed individuals and communities, we can create more sustainable ecosystems. 

Our Story

Clay Seed Bombs was born out of an enduring personal pursuit for sustainable living. After a decade’s long career in renewable energy, I wanted to shift my efforts to a cause with greater accessibility to a much wider audience. Harnessing the power of the sun, while a feat of human ingenuity, has its economic and geographic limitations. 

That’s when I decided to get serious about native gardening—something I could do in my own backyard to contribute to a healthier local ecosystem. My first challenge was to build-up the topsoil. As anyone who’s ever tried to garden in the Colorado Front Range knows, having any soil is key to success. I started looking into gardening methods that were outside of the box—better ways to build soil and close the nutrient loop. I stumbled upon clay seed ballsthese humble clumps of seed and earth, and immediately saw the application for seed balls as an accessible solution to environmental degradation. This was an opportunity for individuals and communities everywhere to adopt a simple and easy method for restoring local ecosystems.

The story of Clay Seed Bombs has really only just begun. We hope you will help us write the coming chapters and grow a more sustainable future one Clay Seed Bomb at a time!

About Our Seed Bomb Blends

All of our Seed Bomb Blends are custom tailored by region and contain several different wildflower species native to each region. We carry blends compatible for each region of the lower 48 states as well as Southern Canada. With our Clay Seed Bombs you’ll be able to successfully grow a sustainable and ecosystem friendly wildflower garden.

Who Are Clay Seed Bombs For? 

You reap what you sow—with Clay Seed Bombs you can reap a thriving native wildflower garden with ease! Clay Seed Bombs are for anyone who wants to grow good for the planet and have a little fun doing it! It’s for gardeners and non-gardeners, developers and eco-conscious communities, conservationists and everyday people… and everything in between.